The esoteric teachings of the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt are revitalized and brought back into our modern world to serve your collective growth today!

"Alchemy is the active transformation from any lesser, limited state - into a higher, empowered way of being... the proverbial turning of lead into gold."

- Sherwin Horus Bright

Founder & Instructor of HMS

The Word 'Alchemy'

... comes from ‘el-khemmet’, where Khemmet means ‘Black Land’, one of the ancient names of Egypt. In essence, Alchemy is therefore the ‘science of Egypt’.  

When applied to the human condition, Spiritual Alchemy aims to uplift and TRANSFORM the individual from the unconscious disposition of self-limitation, blame, and fear – into that of conscious action, freedom, and renewed purpose.

Meet Your Instructor

Speaker, author, spiritual initiator - Sherwin has demonstrated a deep affinity and understanding of both the eastern and western esoteric teachings from an early age.

Over the last 15 years, he has become known for his direct, no-nonsense, and down-to-earth approach to teaching and practicing the ancient sciences, including the healing arts, divination, clearing past lives, shamanism, and Spiritual Alchemy.

Everything is Only Energy

Everything is only Energy, manifesting in different shapes and forms in our physical world. Alchemy is to work with all states of Energy.

Gain the knowledge and tools to understand AND utilize Alchemy for yourself - and watch as your outer reality start to transform as your inner landscape evolves...

As within, so without!

The 5 Uses & Stages of Alchemy

The 5 Uses & Stages of Alchemy

1. Transmutation: Creating Daily Changes

2. Transfiguration: Evolving the Self

3. The Lunar Path: Osirian Alchemy

4. The Solar Path: Horian Alchemy

5. High Alchemy: Weaving of Sun & Moon

Advanced Foundations: The Sacred Science of Maat

Delving deeper into the ancient teachings of Maat, Heka, Sahu, and Sekhem

Upon completion of 'New Foundations of Egyptian High Alchemy' - you become eligible for this advanced training, taught annually as a 3-day livestream online intensive, personally by Sherwin Horus Bright.